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    Feeling lost is the first step to finding yourself.

    Are you envisioning a rewarding new career path, yet find that your online presence doesn't quite translate your true potential? You're not alone. Many professionals struggle to tell their stories effectively and navigate the ever-changing world of personal branding.


    Let me be your guide on this exciting journey. Over 10 weeks, we'll embark on a guided exploration, with weekly 2-hour check-ins. Between our sessions, expect to dedicate about 4 hours to individual work, ensuring your progress is meaningful.

  • Your Journey With Me: 

    From Your Needs to Strategy Implementation




    • Initial consultation to understand Your goals and current status.
    • Review of online presence and brand assets.
    • Discussion of expectations and desired outcomes.

    Personal Brand Audit

    • Evaluation of Your current brand.
    • Identifying areas for improvement and strengths.
    • Detailed report with recommendations.

    Defining Your Value Proposition

    • Clarifying Your values, strengths, mission, and purpose.
    • Crafting a compelling and authentic personal brand story.
    • Developing a personal brand statement.

    Target Audience Identification

    • Defining target audience segments.
    • Creating personas for each segment.
    • Tailoring messaging and branding strategies to resonate with each audience.

    Identify Archetypes

    • Archetype assessment to identify archetypes resonating with Your personality.
    • Discussing how archetypes inform visual branding elements for a cohesive brand identity.

    Creation of Moodboard

    • Curation of images, colors, and textures that represent the desired brand aesthetic and personality.
    • Using the mood board as a visual reference for guiding design and visual communication.

    Define Brand Pillars

    • Determine the key themes and topics that will be the foundation of content creation.
    • Ensure alignment of brand pillars with target audience.

    Brand Strategy Development

    • Developing a personal branding strategy.
    • Outlining key tactics and channels for visibility and engagement.
    • Establishing metrics for measuring success.



    • Optimizing LinkedIn profile and other relevant social media or online platforms.
    • Guidance and support in implementing branding strategy.

    Public Relations Plan

    • Developing customized PR plan for visibility and reputation.
    • Identifying opportunities for thought leadership and networking.
  • Client Testimonial

    Based on knowledge and experience, Aiva is not only able to prepare a strategy for personal brand development, but also creates a productive daily communication - not only the result but also the process is important. I appreciate the ability to adjust to my individual needs and drive processes logically and productively. I received valuable advice, educational materials, and positive energy throughout the process. If you want to improve or create your own brand, I definitely recommend working with Aiva! "


    Inta Buša, CEO of Dealita | Forbes 30 under 30

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