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    My Mantra: Lead with Kindness

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    How I Discovered Personal branding

    When I left my job at a prominent PR agency, as soon as I stepped out of the office, I felt like I had lost my identity and voice together with my job title. I was guilty of identifying with my job title.

    For over a decade I have worked on building personal brands for experts and owners of international companies but never had I built my own brand.

    However, I have always been passionate about branding. To reinvent me and build my identity I applied the same principles and frameworks that are used in brand creation.

    As an experienced communications professional, I have seen how various channels have developed and the opportunities they bring to professionals. In today's world, public image is important for all entrepreneurs and founders that want to achieve more and stand out.


    Let me guide you through the exciting journey of reinventing YOUR personal brand so that YOU can become an authentic and influential opinion leader.

  • Work With Me

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    Reinvent Your Personal Brand

    1:1 workshop tailored to your needs

    Are you misaligned with how you show up and how you feel inside? Become an authentic and influential opinion leader and bring positive impact with your actions. Fully developed personal branding strategy is ideal for entrepreneurs and founders who want to achieve more in work and life.

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    Grow Your Personal Brand Online

    1:1 customized strategy deep-dive

    Digital world can feel overwhelming. A high-level pillar content strategy and the methods of distribution will help you to stay on track to achieve your personal goals.

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    Guide To Personal Branding

    Book me for a group online workshop on personal branding.

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    FREE 30-Minute Discovery Call

    Confused where to start? Ditch the confusion and illuminate the correct path forward. No strings attached!

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    Licenses & certifications

    Successfully completed a course in Digital Marketing by Growth Tribe. That allows me to apply the foundations of modern Digital Marketing for better performance.

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    Licenses & certifications

    Have successfully taken Digital Communication course by by Growth Tribe. And has completed requirements to develop a strategic digital communication plan needed to drive results.